Pubic Hair Styles

Pubic hair styles nowadays becoming as important as your certain clothes style or having different hair styles on your head. No more chaos, and pubic hair style becomes part of your personality. It is a way of expressing yourself that makes you feel daring and just a little bit secretive.

Pubic hair styling can be done in many different ways now. Gone are the days where you are happy with letting your hair run free, now more people want to add a little spice to an area that was rarely even talked about. Some of the more main stream pubic hair shaven styles out there are the Landing strip, heart shape and triangle patch. Besides that, there are many other less main stream shaved pubic hair styles that are out there like the lightning bolt, diamond shape, or any other shape that you can imagine!

pubic hair styles
Styles From Top Left to Bottom right:
Bermuda Triangle, Landing Strip, Flame Crotch, City Scape, Pump up the Volume, Departing Sea, Diamond, Rising Sun, Half-Target, Checkered, Rated X, and Devils Beard.

Pubic hair styles description:

  • Natural — no trimming or maintenance

  • Trimmed — hair length is shortened but not removed or shaped

  • Triangle — hair removed (generally waxed) from the sides to form a triangle so that pubic hair cannot be seen while wearing swimwear . This can range from the very edge of the "bikini line" to up to an inch reduction on either side. Hair length can be from an inch and a half, to half an inch

  • Landing strip style— hair sharply removed from the sides to form a long centred vertical rectangle, hair length about quarter of an inch

  • Hitler moustache style— a shorter version of the landing strip

  • Brazilian waxing/G-wax - pubic hair completely removed except for a remnant, centred, narrow stripe above the vulva approximately an inch in size, and the hair length in the sub-centimeter range

  • Full style - Brazilian/Hollywood/Bare — pubic hair completely removed

  • Dyed style — colouring hair to match hair on the head, or to give it a unique look (for example, red--in the shape of a heart)

  • Others styles — V-shaped, heart-shaped, arrow, initials, etc. These are usually variations of the Brazilian/G-Wax, where a design is formed of the pubic hair above completely bare vulva.