Pubic hair removal

True stories about pubic hair removal.
Jill :
There's something so refreshing and clean about not having any hair down there. I've been waxing for more than two years, and I love it! It makes me feel young. The last time I was at my salon, I got completely waxed , and for another $30 had them glue on about 30 crystals in a sunburst design that extends from my navel to just above my clitoris. They itched a little, but Eric was beside himself with joy. He spent hours trying to figure out how all the crystals stayed on. But I'm not sure if I would go completely bare again--it's more painful than the regular Brazilian. I'll probably reserve it for special occasions--like Eric's birthday!

Eric :
I can't tell you how thrilled I was when Jill showed me her sunburst. (There is something really erotic about seeing her completely naked.) It definitely spiced up our sex life. It just tastes better and feels smoother when there's no hair in the way.

Dayna :
I began waxing shortly after I started dating Adam. I was going on vacation with my girlfriends and didn't want any stray hairs sneaking out of the tiny bikini I bought for the trip. Plus, I thought Adam would be into it. He used to drop hints about how sexy I'd look if I waxed off all my pubic hair. I removed pubic hair and now I'm hooked! I have much more sensation, and it's made sex so much more enjoyable to feel skin rubbing against skin. I even love the way my underwear caresses my naked body.

Adam :
Brazilian waxes are so erotic. When Dayna's naked, I can see everything-- her lips, her clitoris, her entire vulva. I love that she's exposing her most vulnerable parts to me. I know it sounds terrible, but I hate pubic hair on women. A bare vagina just makes oral sex more pleasant--it looks, smells, and tastes better.

Bethany :
Once you go Brazilian, you never go back! I got my first one about three years ago. I was dating someone who I thought would like it-which, of course, he did. But after we broke up, I kept it up. Waxing became something I started getting for myself, like having my nails done. I don't think it's made sex any more pleasurable, but I do feel more confident about the way I look naked. A lot of people complain about how painful removing pubic hair is, but I don't mind it. It feels cleansing.

Chris :
I was psyched when I first realized Bethany was practically naked down there, except for her tiny "landing strip" of pubic hair. I think that women who get Brazilian waxes are comfortable with their sexuality. The only problem is that it can get stubbly between waxings, which can make sex a little uncomfortable. But I'd be somewhat upset if Bethany decided she couldn't afford to keep getting Brazilian waxes anymore. I'd even offer to pay for them myself. Hey, if I had to, I'd go without shoes so she could keep getting waxed.

Some precautions to take when removing pubic hair:

  • Ask for your aesthetician's credentials: Some states don't require salons to use licensed aestheticians for waxing. And try to use one who's had at least two years of experience doing Brazilian bikini waxes, not just regular ones.

  • Check salons for cleanliness. Your aesthetician should use a new tongue depressor and new waxing strips to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi. And make sure. she wears latex gloves while waxing and tweezing.

  • Don't wear tight pants for at least two days. This will help keep your skin from getting irritated. Also, try to wear cotton underwear during the first few days.

  • Use one-percent hydrocortisone cream. Rub it on twice a day to help.minimize skin bumps and irritation.

  • Avoid harsh soaps and scrubs. They will just irritate the skin if you use them within 48 hours of getting waxed. Stick to a gentle cleanser, such as Dove or Aveeno, and apply an over-the-counter antiseptic, such as Tend Skin, twice a day to prevent ingrown hairs. Moisturize daily with a gentle, hypoallergenic lotion.

  • Don't overdo it. Removing pubic hair via waxing more than once a month can lead to an infection.