Shave your pubic hair in 6 steps

If you want to learn how to easy shave pubic hair then just read this short shaving pubic hair guide.
Just 6 easy steps:
1. Trim your hair before shaving anything.
This can save a lot of time and frustration, you won’t believe how harder it is with the pubes at natural length, the razor blade clogs up easily, and irritations appear more often. Use electric hair trimmers or scissors, you may need at one point to pull your hair to cut it.

2. Take a warm bath or put a warm towel on that area.
Warm temperatures open the pores, making shaving easier.

3. Apply shaving cream to the area you plan to shave.
Choose the right kind of cream, because you may be allergic to some ingredients, the best advice would be to buy shaving cream for sensitive skin. And please don’t use soap, soap is not good for your friend.

4. Shave.
Shave to the same direction the hair grows, and don’t go over and over the same area, at most 3 strokes should do the work. More than this translates into irritation and razor bumps. You may need to stretch the skin for difficult spots. Shave once a week first, to let your skin get used to this.

5. Use exfoliation sponges to clean.
After shaving any dead cells must be removed from your skin.

6. Moisturize.
This is the final step. I would recommend using baby oil or aloe vera, but other moisturizers should work for you.

That’s it, in theory it isn’t that hard, but as most things in life it takes a little practice to achieve the kind of results you want. Happy shaving!