Should I shave my pubic hair?

Pubic hair. Shave or not?

Imagine, you've got a hot date, you went for dinner maybe even a movie. She's gorgeous and seems to be giving you all the right signs. You go to her place and she invite you in... score! Things start getting steamy and when she takes off her undies... an enormous bush, an out of control growth of pubic hair!

Nasty huh? Well what about guys who have pubic hair? Will a girl think it's nasty too? Most of the times yes, women these days are more into guys that shave their pubic hair. Hundreds porn movies and even mainstream marketing, show men hairless. The bushy chest and crotch isn't attractive any more.

So why should I shave my pubic hair and be willing to do so much for sex? Well it's not just all about sex, its about our image as well. Yeah, I know that putting a blade on your family jewels isn't a nice feeling, but if done carefully and with commitment, you can get great results.

Get your optical inch! That's right, once you shave off your pubes, you will instantly swear that you've got an inch or more down there! Not only is this great for your self esteem, but your bed partner will notice it as well.

More hygiene. Shaving off all that pubic hair will actually contribute to better hygiene down there. A man's privates is actually a focal point for heat, sweat and bacteria. So taking it off will make it easier to keep looking, smelling and feeling clean. Plus with so much hygiene what girl wouldn't want to get closer?

A woman's body is playground of softness and smoothness, so don't you think she'll appreciate the same on you? Silky smooth balls invite both manual and oral affection. She's far more likely to play down there if she doesn't have to use a weed whacker to find it.

Ok, ok so we've made pubic shaving seem like a dream task, with all the benefits. Now here is the down part, some people experience moderate to intense itching the first couple of days after shaving as the pubic hair grows back. Try your first shave on a weekend you avoid moving around like ants in your pants on Monday. If your committed to keeping a clean area down there, the itching should decrease or stop if you continue to groom yourself frequently.

Now you that you know the benefits, learn HOW TO shave your pubic hair in 6 steps!